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Bonne Année

Directed by Alexander Berberich


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  • Alexander Berberich
    Director, Writer, Producer
  • Miguel Abal
    Director of Photography
  • Thibaut Landier
    as The Passenger
  • Benjamin Banks
    as The Driver
  • Karen Young
    as Ellen
  • Carol C.
    Original Music


In a Latin American city on New Year’s Eve, an American hit man (Benjamin Banks) and his French partner (Thibaut Landier) meet their untimely deaths. Carefully unfolding in reverse, this clever drama retraces the moments that precipitated the men’s downfall. Co-starring Karen Young and Diana Lauren, director Alexander Berberich’s stylistic film consists of several long takes that each lasts on average 10 minutes.


  • Format Widescreen
  • File Size 1.6 GB
  • Run Time 105 mins.
  • Audio Stereo
  • Language(s) English