Fifth Column Features

Every Good Thing to Rust

Directed by John W. Yost


  • John W. Yost
    Director, Editor, Writer, Director of Photography 
  • Raeanne Wright
    Assistant Director
  • Holland Kemp
    as Holland
  • Randall Meehl
    as Randall
  • Rob Drury, Pete Klinkon
    Original Music


Inexplicable disorder. Televisions off-air. Humans ravaging each other for scraps of food and weapons. This is the turn that life takes for three friends trying to find their place in post 9-11 America. In a dark, eerie portrait of social meltdown, Every Good thing to Rust questions the loyalties of friendship and challenges any illusions of safety and order.


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  • Format Widescreen
  • File Size 2.2 GB
  • Run Time 86 mins.
  • Audio Stereo
  • Language(s) English