Fifth Column Features

Francis of Brooklyn

Directed by Josh Wick


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  • Charles Everett
  • Mig Feliciano
  • Lawrence Krauser
  • Joseph Pascutazz
  • Josh Wick
    Writer, Director, Editor, Producer
  • Devin E. Haqq
    Assistant Director, Producer, Anthony
  • Shaune McDowell
    Director of Photography, Producer
  • Tony Grocki
    Editor, Sound Design


Pvt. Francis returns from serving in Iraq as a broken alcoholic who has lost all passion for life. An encounter with a fellow veteran, now destitute, initiates a spiritual crisis that leads the young man to renounce his family’s wealth and to seek out a more meaningful life among the homeless and rejected on the streets of Brooklyn.

Soon a growing fraternity of assorted and eccentric oddballs form around Francis as these modern day friars seek to muddle their way towards enlightenment.

A series of funny and often irreverent vignettes, adapted from the true story of St. Francis of Assisi, all illustrating the simplest joys of a life based on humility, faith and compassion.

Director’s statement

Though known now primarily as the patron saint of animals, St. Francis dedicated himself to a life of absolute poverty and service in accord with the literal dictates of the Gospel. In doing so, he provided a radical example of life lived in accordance to the teachings and examples of Jesus to a world obsessed with power, wealth and glory.

This modern adaptation of his story is based on the current understanding of the real St. Francis as well as a number of fables and legends of the man and his fellow “lesser brothers” as relayed by his contemporary admirers.

Francis of Brooklyn was shot over 9 months in and around the streets of Brooklyn and New York.


  • Format Widescreen
  • File Size 2.5 GB
  • Run Time 114 mins.
  • Audio Stereo
  • Language(s) English