Fifth Column Features

White Creek

Directed by John W. Yost


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  • John W. Yost
    Director, Editor, Writer 
  • Sean Donnelly
    Director of Photography
  • Ghada Dergham
    Executive Producer
  • Alexander Berberich
  • Randall Meehl
    Assistant Director
  • Frank Mosley
    as Noah
  • Katie Hawthorne
    as Katie
  • Josh Wick
    as Josh
  • Michael Freeland
    as Todd
  • Ryan Harper Gray
    as Josia
  • Justin Arnold
    as Willard
  • Robert Longstreet
    as Teddy Bear


White Creek is in turmoil. Bound by an impenetrable class system and led by a crazed militiaman hell-bent on controlling the valley, Noah and Katie must find a way to escape.


  • Format Widescreen
  • File Size 3.7 GB
  • Run Time 87 mins.
  • Audio Stereo
  • Language(s) English