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Fifth Column Features Opens Its Doors

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We Are Live!

Filmmakers Alexander Berberich and John W. Yost have officially announced the launch of Fifth Column Features!

FCF will offer a new digital platform for film distribution featuring the industry’s first pay-as-you-wish price model, benefiting both filmmakers and consumers. Unlike self-distribution platforms currently available through iTunes and, filmmakers can house their work with FCF and retain a majority of the profits. Consumers can expect the curated content of a boutique studio, and will have the freedom to set their own price to download each film.

“Every year there are dozens, if not hundreds, of quality feature films that slip through the film festival and distribution cracks,” FCF co-founder Alexander Berberich stated. “We want to provide not only a means of digital distribution for these films, but a network of like-minded filmmakers and film lovers that will become a valuable community of support.”

Filmmaking is a team sport. We don’t get better at our craft if we horde our resources. We don’t grow as a community if we don’t work together to help everyone move forward. We don’t make a living if only a few are allowed to flourish. FCF started as a way to support indie filmmakers, sell their work, and provide a network of like-minded collaborators to help make their next film a reality. It is this support that allows the artists to take risks in their work and find creative solutions in getting to their audiences.

Fifth Column is often defined as one group undermining another group from within; like freedom fighters, or a resistance. We like to see it as guerrilla support for truly indie filmmakers.


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  1. Nicole Elmer says:

    Great new site guys, and love the motto!

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