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The Universal…The Feature Film

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It’s that time again. That time right after our latest feature gets distribution and right before we spend another 2 years producing the next!

And the winner is!?…

The feature version of The Universal! (or how I learned to not worry about titles and chose one based on a dream) This psychedelic road-trip film is based on some of the principles of The Global Consciousness Project and Charles Klosterman’s theory that the album Kid A by Radiohead predicts 9/11…

That sounds like fun right!?

If you’ve done a heavy amount of psychedelic drugs in the past, or you’re a fan of nostalgia for an alternate universe, OR if you really love the idea of levitating things with your mind (or are you)…then you’re going to love this film!

We are in the rough draft stages of scripting and bringing back a ton of our favorite collaborators from the last few years. Along with some new faces and new places, we hope to get started with shooting mid 2015…stay tuned!


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