Fifth Column Features

Who We Are

Filmmaking is a team sport. We don’t get better at our craft if we horde our resources. We don’t grow as a community if we don’t work together to help everyone move forward. We don’t make a living at it if only a few are allowed to flourish. FCF started as a way to support indie filmmakers, sell their work, and provide a network of like-minded collaborators to help make their next film a reality. It is this support that allows the artists to take risks in their work and find creative solutions in getting to their audiences.

Fifth Column is often defined as one group undermining another group from within; like freedom fighters, or a resistance. We like to see it as guerrilla support for truly indie filmmakers.

Our Mission

Fifth Column Features (FCF) is a boutique motion picture studio and distribution company dedicated to bringing independent filmmaking to wider, more diverse audiences while supporting filmmakers and their careers.

FCF seeks to make unique and challenging films more accessible, while broadening and growing the demand for independent films. Founded by and for filmmakers, FCF is proud to partner with talented artists, giving them the space to hone their craft, expand their careers, and deliver their work to more and more screens.

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