Fifth Column Features

Sean Donnelly

New York, NY

Director of Photography Sean Donnelly is a New York City area native, whose career has brought him around the globe lensing commercial projects for clients such as Coca Cola, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, P&G, and Arby’s.

His extensive work in narrative storytelling includes numerous short films as well as several feature length projects.  Currently, Sean is in the midst of principal photography on John W. Yost’s White Creek.

After joining the International Cinematographer’s Guild in 2005, Sean began working extensively with emerging digital technologies by working closely with camera and software manufacturers such as Vision Research and Iridas to refine imaging systems and workflows. As a Director of Photography this background affords Sean a deeply rooted understanding of the most complex digital cinema systems.


  1. White Creek (Cinematographer)
  2. Dead Light Glory (Cinematographer)
  3. Shooting With John
  4. The Brave and the Kind (Cinematographer)
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